Be A Programmer Challenge – Introduction

On a Saturday afternoon, prior I thought about enrolling to the online course, “The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele at Udemy,” I first thought about committing a program activity to myself (to spice up the learning process) which I am calling, Be A Programmer Challenge.

Check out my recent post and quick tips about Becoming A Self-Taught Programmer here.

Also, you can check out this book, The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide by John Sonmez, to get started more easily in Software Development or Programming.

By the way, just to let you know… The course, The Web Developer Bootcamp on Udemy, is not sponsored by nor I am not affiliated with Udemy. I’m just curious about the program by Colt Steele that’s why I took the course after I tried enrolling for free at TeamTreeHouse Community.

There are so many online websites out there which offer good quality courses like Freecodecamp or Code-academy but if you’re truly serious about becoming a programmer or a software developer and if you’re a complete beginner, you would want to start learning to code at I highly recommend this team when it comes to teaching. I like how I can easily get an understanding of anything in regards to the lesson through their way of teaching.

I started out from this course of their amazing TechDegree way back when I first decided to switch my career from a Business related field to the certain Technology industry.

They have this free trial with an amazing value for beginners. However, if you can’t spend enough money yet to continue from their trial period, you are welcome to follow this blog and get the best resources for becoming a programmer, and of course, it’s usually for free. I love free stuff. Don’t you?

Anyway, enough with the best courses online. Let’s go back to the reason why I started out a program which is I call: Be A Programmer Challenge

Part of the challenge is to find the best resources there is, if available, to be proficient and then hopefully lead me to a real career in the industry using the best possible learning path and strategies.

Be A Programmer Challenge: The Goal and What You Can Get

The goal of this is to primarily land a job as a real self-taught programmer as soon as possible or perhaps not less than six to twelve (6-12) months period, “if I get lucky.”

And of course, to make it happen what’s always in my head that “Someday, I will do this and that..”.

Not only that I am going to start the challenge. I am also going to write all the ideas and valuable references here in this blog, and yes – it’s all for free!

A Pattern of System for the Challenge

I’ve read tons of books, articles for learning anything quickly, and every personal development wisdom from real-life success in order to be sure about furnishing a definite pattern of a system and be able to achieve a real score for the goal.

So, If you are interested to learn or take a challenge of your own, I recommend following this program which may help you, as well as it helped me to get started on my own program.

Read about what this blog is up to.

Okay, without further ado, here is tip that I find it valuable prior to getting started to this challenge:

Be A Programmer Challenge: The Preparation

Preparing for an actual plan of a certain goal is very important. Especially for a long-term goal which is something like this. So I researched and saved every valuable reference I found. I studied techniques or ideas how to learn fast and as effective as possible. The main point of the preparation is to find the best valuable keys and ways for me to achieve the goal and how to maximize every potential key to achieve the goal.

Now, what’s yours?

Next post, I will share my own pattern on how I get started with the program, Be A Programmer Challenge.

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Stay tuned.

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