Conquer All Your Dramas and Get Better

In my 29th years of existence in this lifetime, I am very thankful and been really proud conquering all the embarrassing dramas I had before so as to celebrate my next year of existence, I want to share a quick thought of this topic today and help out to those who are confused at the moment.

So to get started, you need to know that people come and go in your life whether they contributed to the best days or the worse and whether you like it or not as what others are saying. You really can’t choose whoever gets in or stays. Neither to forget the worst-case scenario just like that. In most cases when you happen to get lost and give in to any hopeless romantic kind of drama, know that you’re required to feel weird or worse than you can imagine. And further you start to feel empty. You start to feel insecure and like the world turned its back on you. So on and so forth and the only thing there’s left is to hope for the best. But fortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Once you get through all the dramas, eventually, although it may sound silly but you’re going to start feeling better. There’s no absolute time when it happens but sure it will and when the time comes, everything will all make sense, and that’s how naturally you do move on. That’s just how it is. No shortcuts. Just keep in mind that you don’t really forget those people who became part of your life so don’t beat up yourself over it. They become a part of who you are further which makes you the best version of yourself or may not be. You choose.

P.S. Photo is taken where I got a chance to ride an awesome bicycle toy inside the Mall at SM City in my country.

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