I haven’t updated a post on the blog for quite a while because I’ve been busy setting up and modifying all the plans for a certain project.

This is probably my latest post during the busy period. An update about how I was learning to become an entrepreneur as an aspiring programmer or developer.

It’s crazy, but it’s kinda fun.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, you can visit my organization’s site at kindtechgroup.net.

Apparently, I’m working out learning everything I need to get started especially the new service which I called, KindHost. This is the current project that I’m working on, as well as optimizing the site itself.

A little bit about KindHost Project

KindHost is a free hosting provider subsidiary of my organization, Kind TechGroup, which is powered by one of the largest organizations on the web.

The project is a (beta released) live service project as a free hosting provider resource which is apparently under its development and finalization by the team. For more details and if you like to signup for the service (which is totally free), visit the project at www.kindhost.cf or you can also get benefit with our new service Making Website Free Forever offered by Kind TechGroup.

Please let me know what you think about the website or whatever deal should I take to improve any service.

For your suggestions, please email at info@kindtechgroup.net. Thanks!

P.S. The photo is my glass of champaign working out some contents for the Kind TechGroup site.

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