48mins Premiere Pro Short Video Editing for Talking Head Video | Full Shorts Editing Workflow

New 48mins Premiere Pro Short Video Editing for Talking Head Video | Full Shorts Editing Workflow.

Learn how to edit Talking Head Videos using Premiere Pro. This is my basic Premiere Pro Editing Workflow for a client project. Learn how to do text based editing for fixing mistakes and silence, finalizing rough cut, adding animated captions, using project templates, audio and music leveling and enhancement.

Credit to: https://youtube.com/@racknerd

Video Editing Result: https://youtube.com/shorts/wEuYicHmcHo
Get Full Project file: https://ko-fi.com/kindtechgirl/commissions

And guys, here’s how I make Captions for styles like Alex Hormozi, Ali Abdaal, Devin Jatho, Iman Gahdzhi https://tinyurl.com/auto-captions

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