Ali Abdaal Style Shorts Editing using Premiere Pro | Video Editing Session by Inspiration Archive

Today, we’re looking at the Video Editing Session for Ali Abdaal Style Video using Premiere Pro ONLY by Inspiration Archive, also known as knowmatic on Discord (Knowmatic#4022).

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knownmatic (also known as Inspiration Archive on YouTube & IG) with over 4k followers has shared his simple yet amazing editing method inspired by Ali Abdaal video style to give back to the community, knowing that the Ali Abdaal style edit is known to be achieved decently & easier within After Effects. But what if your machine cannot handle AE, like mine, hehehe. This is where knowmatic editing method comes in. Enjoy, guys!

Final Video Edit:

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Plus here’s how I make Captions for styles like Alex Hormozi, Ali Abdaal, Devin Jatho, Iman Gahdzhi

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