Happy Birthday to Me

It feels weird to see people in your life that you’ve grown to see a future with or maybe, you believed that will stay in you for a longer time, probably a lifetime but then suddenly one day you realized it’s over or let’s say it has to be over. Actually, it’s not just weird. It’s scary and plenty of times I feel that I’m kinda lost. Lost to be the self that I’ve ever wanted and have strived of becoming better every single day. Something that’s confusing to entrust your life to a whole new world which is far and extremely different than it used to be but I also do believe that changes are there to sharpen you or mold you to deserve everything you need in life. In other words, it all falls to “everything happens for a reason”. I learned this the hard way. So I know that this reason is kinda worth it further. That’s why I’m very thankful, oh God. Don’t get me wrong though. Yes, I don’t go to church but I do pray. Furthermore, Happy Birthday to Me in the next few days! Looking forward to removing every drama in my life which is all I want. Amen.

P.S. Photo is an awesome scene where I was looking for a restroom when I bought food from one of my family’s favorite restaurants.

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