Kind Programmer Mindset: Be Your Own Hero

I think the best way to accomplish whatever goal that we’re trying to achieve is to become our own hero; choosing to take the easier way to do something and decide to do it on our own. To believe in a way that there is no other way to win a certain battle unless we throw ourselves out there and fight with our own set of power. It’s taking the best option for ourselves and to acknowledge it as a mindset.

What I mean by that is to deal about the hard situation on your own first (prior asking for help) because that, in most cases, will turn out to build the best version of yourself. As well as to avoid the false belief that it’s a great way to make other people be responsible for what came out wrong when you choose to ask them to do something for you, instead of you doing it. And when it didn’t work out the way you expected, you’re pissed off to them. That sucks.

Decide To Be Your Own Hero

I remember back then when I used to begin learning how to play guitar. I was so eager and excited to hit a song with it but whenever I’m trying to play a single chord, I can’t even put to stretch my fingers on the right fret. But surprisingly today, I can just play guitar without even looking on each corner of the frets.

When I first tried to learn how to balance riding a bike, it didn’t turn out that easy but eventually I had an opportunity to teach everyone else how to do it. Amazing, isn’t it?

When you had your first heartbreak, it felt harsh. You thought it would kill you, but guess what? You’re there, you’re okay. Do you remember how you get well? No, and it’s not because of your Mom (or even because of your current girl/boyfriend). It’s because of you. You decided to go ahead, BE OKAY and to strike for gold.

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The Best About Being On Your Own Hero

When you’re in a situation that it seems tough, just like when the world seems too hard on you. Yes, it’s awful. But having the mindset to do what’s need to be done (on your own) is easier than to make other people do it for you because, try to think of this: It’s easy to move your own body and get somewhere than to make other people move, right? Unless you’re willing to carry them off.

What I’m trying to output here is that it’s a shame to ask other people to clear the path around for you, especially if it’s obvious that the result at the end of the road will give much of higher advantage for your own benefit. So instead, go ahead and work on with yourself, believe in your own strength and take the responsibility to win on your own, so you’ll know how it feels to be more fulfilling than ever.

Making a habit to fix things on your own will not only save you a bunch of time but also gives you the power of changing any hard situation to an easier experience throughout your life along the way.

So, be willing to do that and take the necessary step to become what is best for you. We can never control the nature of reality but the right mindset for this is to acknowledge that (we can choose) to react wisely on whatever it is that’s going wrong, and change the situation eventually to gain something out of it rather than the opposite.

Becoming A Hero to Myself

Starting this journey of becoming a programmer is quite tricky and I admit it’s not ideally best to give the course I decided to jump off as an advice, such as having nothing but a blurred plan ahead.

What I mean by this, for instance, is when I decided to resign from working as one of the lead members of my previous company with a highly valuable income. It’s crazy. I am crazy.

So in the meantime, I’m having a limited resource but I can always live with that. What I cannot live is to get stuck to a dead end job and lose the challenge I committed to myself early on. I don’t regret any of my decisions. It’s absolutely my decision to not get another job or to enjoy life as I always have unless I’m done with my goal such as becoming a programmer.

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Anyway, I know I’m not the only one who ideally do this kind of crazy stuff. As well as I do know not everyone will agree on what I up with these days. But it doesn’t matter. Perhaps I’m just caught up with these thoughts: “Can I do this? Will I ever get to do it?”, which leads me to the point where I am now, making it happen.

The reason why I had to pursue this course without any doubt, whatever it takes, and even without anyone’s having my back. I just hope one-day further, I can tell a story that the only wrong decision I made was taking so long to pursue the goal which is success ahead for me.

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