Running Towards My Passion: Goodbye, Comfort Zone

In my entire 28 years on earth, I have always been so grateful, honest and sincere to myself when it comes about “making the most out of life”, except for one thing, running towards my passion.

I thought about it many times. As in, a hundred!

The Nightmare When Not Running Towards my Passion

Whenever I go on a vacation, watch TV at home, relaxing and enjoying life – most especially, on every birthday of mine. My thoughts are hunting me like a ghost. I am happy with everything that I have but it is not the life that I planned or career path that I have in my thoughts which is used to be relevant to computer programming. Apparently, it is my frustration and as well as my fascination.

How I Meet My Passion and Turn My Back On It

Basically, my fascination about computer programming started when I first operated a personal computer, way back in high school. Years passed, I took a course in college related to computer programming; studied for 3 years but I haven’t been able to develop and pursue the career because aside from dropping out from school, I took a job relevant to Administration then further to Sales Management service, and Business Operations which is evidently not related to the course I have taken, however, it’s not really that bad. I learned a lot, achieved and recognized by my employers.

I’ve been very much fortunate when I used to start in the industry of Sales Management and began to practice and master it along the way which had paid off accordingly further. It was a fun experience, by the way.

As I go on with life, I was glad and I appreciate the opportunity that life has brought me in.

To be exact, I had a good life; a great job and surrounded by people who care, but the thing is, I am not running along with EXACTLY what it is that I do desire truly as a person.

How Got Back On Track, the Impractical Way

I am happy with what I have but maybe by the time being, I want to be happier, and I knew I can but there’s this feeling of uncertainty. The uncertainty that keeps me from stepping on a journey that hasn’t established by so many. It’s to live a life that everyone wanted.

Imagine it as a film of your life that you’ve created in your thoughts as a whole; from the story, manuscripts to the production process. It’s your idea; your self-desired being; your self-created destiny; from the beginning to its end.

In my case, I have decided a long time ago that I want that reality in me. And I want it in a definite whole. I think we all want something like that, but some people just don’t know how to start because it’s frightening to take any risk. However, we only live once. And sometimes, we have desires in life that we cannot disregard forever. Have you felt that way? I have, but too much doubt was against me and too many reasons were keeping me from jumping off.

I only have one wish, “to die as a Successful Programmer”. It’s too much to ask, I know. But I am not really asking for it. I am making it real, step by step through the following:
a. Obtain a high degree of Software Development Skill
b. Employment relevant to the letter (a)
c. Expand the horizon of the career where it leads to a valuable resource for people in general, and
d. dedicate a lifetime of commitment to serve value by my skill
e. Own a programming related services company
f. Accumulate an appropriate abundance to promote the prosperity of the family
g. Travel the World
h. Die as a “kind” Successful Programmer

One time, recently, whenever I look back and analyzed myself all throughout. I asked myself, “Will the career I had a pledge of keeping on the road would take me somewhere I really do belong to? Is this my destiny? Is it worth it? Will I be satisfied with dying without considering my true desires to be in a reality? If it so, I thought jumping off to a different industry like software development or programming is too risky, for I have no certificates to prove or even doesn’t have a whatsoever stock of knowledge on how to get on and runoff that passion.” I thought about securing myself within my safe zone. My comfort zone.

Along the way, fortunately, guess what? I found this book of Napoleon Hill; the “Think and Grow Rich”. I’ve read a few pages for about 15-30, out of 500 more or fewer pages of the book then further ahead, I am now writing on this blog about how I was able to get stepped in and start the road where I should have taken, long time ago.

And recently, I enrolled in a certain programming related course to continue my study to become a programmer this year.

Not to mention, I have resigned at work; flew out to my hometown once again and left everything behind but of course in a neat exit with my previous job.

Making the Most out of Life: The New Beginning

As I begin with this new adventure; having only a basic knowledge about the idea of the goal that I’m up with, there is no way I’m turning back ever again. I thought to myself, “I am running towards my passion EVEN I am not prepared; EVEN I have no idea where, to begin with; EVEN if I don’t know if it is a good decision to take the risk. I am not dying as a dreamer. I will die with great success in my journey or whatsoever will I want to be as I walk throughout the road to my passion; ll run over every goal I have in my head towards that finish line.”

I have a note with it and I am reading it every day.

It’s been almost 2 years when I first read that book and now I still have it with me as guidance. I just did it. I have taken the first step (once again) of the personal goal that I’ve always wanted to achieve. And that’s the decision to JUST DO IT. This is why, one of the main reasons, I started this blog to put in writing the things that I’ve gone through prior and during the journey; blogging a documentary series for my so-called “Destiny” so that beyond the start of this new life, this will be my reminder to accomplish everything, every step of the way, whatever it takes. So wish me luck!

Start Your Own New Beginning, the Best Way!

Furthermore, as to those who are wondering about the book, The Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, you can go ahead and get a copy of it at Amazon for a valued cost, anytime.

I am recommending the book for you to read because I have tested it on my own and I think it’s not bad at all. I liked it because most of its ideas struck me. That’s why I’d like to share it, especially, when you’re riding a roller coaster ride in your life or else when you’re about to decide which is something HUGE. Something risky for you to take but in your heart, you’re thinkin’ about the most popular “WHAT IF” so-called question to everyone. It’s just up to you how to take it. But I do want you to take it seriously and with the best guidance.

Okay enough. I hope I’m not beating a dead horse here. 🙂

So If anyone wants to get a digital copy of the book, just contact me. You can get it at Audible for free.

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P.S. The Photo was taken at my favorite in-house hotel coffee shop in Davao City where I used to work with my regular paper working routine since it’s just nearby my office. I love the coffee at that cafe, and guess what? It’s Drink-All-You-Want at a low-cost value. 🙂

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